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About Me

Hi! I'm Nina!


I studied a Bachelors degree in Viticulture and Oenology (Winemaking) at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.


After graduating I worked in the wine industry all over the world, including  South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, California, and Austria!  I always try to travel and explore the wine regions, national parks and cities I live close to and It's time to share some of these special places and wines with the world.


Wine and Wonderlust started as an Instagram account, but since I have so many travel and wine tips to share, I thought I'll start a blog.  Why Wonderlust? and not Wanderlust? My reason: Wonderlust” – with an 'o' for emphasis =)


The blog is just for fun and I quickly realized that I'm not an IT guru. It really is still a work in progress. English is my second language, it's been a fun challenge writing and creating the blog. If there are any suggestions on how I can improve it.


I hope you enjoy my tips and follow me on my wine adventures!