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22 Wine Girls to follow on Instagram (Part Two)

Updated: Feb 21

From Traveling winemakers, Sommeliers to Wine Artists and Wine enthusiasts: These are the Wine girls you should be following on Instagram!

Instagram has become the perfect platform to share your passion about almost any niche and also a great place to learn new things. Over the last 2 years, my Instagram account became my wine diary, where I combined my love for wine, photography and travel. When you really want to grow your Instagram account , you have to network and engage with similar Instagram accounts, so that's what I did and I met some amazing wine girls!

Each unique in their own way, they all the same have the same #winegoal: They Inspire, create and educate the wine lovers community. I have compiled a list of Instagram accounts to follow and asked each girl to introduce herself. I wanted to keep the blog post short enough, so decided to divide it into parts. Click here for part one! Clicking on any of the pictures will redirect you to the specific account- making it very easy to follow. I personally think each account on my list it pretty amazing and have a special wine story, so scroll down and read more and if you have Pinterest, make sure to "Pin" this List:


“Wine is priceless for it gives me adventure in every sip. I travel to wine regions around the world with each bottle I taste. Exploring new wines will fulfill your heart with wanderlust.”- Ami G, ami_oncloudwine.

Ami's wine journey began in 2015 when I spent a month in Europe traveling for leisure. "Upon a visit to Tuscany, I tasted a flight of wine which left me in pure astonishment. I was always a white wine drinker, but the Chianti Classico that tickled my taste buds forever changed my palate. I had what I called a “vinlightment”, a moment in which wine has left me in astonishment." says Ami.

When she returned to the US, she knew she wanted to know more about wine and started reading wine books and teaches herself about grape varieties. “By the end of 2017, I realized I needed more resources and needed an instructor to guide me through these wine regions. I enrolled in the Society of Wine Educators program for Certified Wine Specialist in January 2018 and found myself learning more about the wine regions and varieties in more depth." Her goal is to become a Wine Educator and open her own wine bar and wine school. Customers can come in and learn about wine in a less intimidating way while expanding their palate and their knowledge of wine. Read more about Ami's journey at


Charlotte Kirstensen, thelondonwinegirl, is a natural storyteller with a love of wine. For Charlotte, wine connects history, the earth and people together in a fascinating and magical way, and it is this tale of wine that Charlotte has a passion to share.

Charlotte provides wine consultancy, communication and events services for brands and private and corporate clients. She is currently studying towards the prestigious WSET Diploma in Wine and Spirits.


Hayley is a wine blogger and Instagrammer who runs Hayley’s Cellar— a place for her to share her wine and travel experiences with her followers!

Based in LA, she loves to spend her weekends in Southern California wine countries such as Temecula, Santa Barbara or Paso Robles.

Hayley is always trying to improve her wine knowledge through tasting, reading and studying through WSET. She loves using her degree in film production to share her experiences through her photos and writing.


Erika Beach (erika.beach) is a full time bilingual writer for a public corporation by day and wine and travel writer by night. She’s currently WSET Level 2 Certified and began working in 2004 in the wine industry.

However, her love for wine was given to her at birth when her father purchased a 1973 Dom Perignon bottle, hours after I was born. He kept that bottle, until She was legally able to drink it. She still has that bottle today, untouched and unopened.

She was born in San Diego, but raised in Tijuana, Mexico, spending most of her life living in between both Countries. She moved to the Temecula area in the early 90’s and has been there ever since! She began traveling to Europe, as her family resides near Paris, exposing her and to some pretty amazing wines. Erika considers herself of a “New world” wine lover and learning about “old world” wines as well.

Erika loves taking the road (vine) less traveled and tend to travel to spots that are harder to get to. In the past three years, she’s taken a more active role in emerging herself into the Mexican Wine scene in Queretaro, Coahuila, San Miguel de Allende and of course my family’s native State of Baja (Valle de Guadalupe). She has worked as a writer and content creator for Virginia Tourism Corporation, Temecula Winegrowers Association, Visit Temecula, Come to Rocky Point Tourism Board, Scottsdale Tourism, Ensenada tourism, Rosario Tourism, Tijuana Tourism, San Miguel de Allende Wines and marketing and wine sales for Mexico Wine Importer, LMA Wines. Click here to read her Blog!


Neslihan (Nesli as you might know her), is originally from Turkey, but she is currently working in Nova Scotia, which is winemaking region of Canada. She started her wine journey during her student exchange at the Bologna University, . Her interest in wine continued after graduating with a Bachelor degree in Food Engineering. She holds a diploma of Master of Science of Enology and Viticulture. She studied at Montpellier SupAgro for her first year and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in her second year. Thanks to this education, Nesli has learned the latest technologies in viticulture, wine making and wine marketing.

"I’ve specialized in sparkling wine production; moreover I had the chance to taste wines from all over the world. Following, I’ve had chance to make wine in some of my favourite regions; in Bordeaux, in Colchagua Valley and in Napa Valley.” says Nesli. In her free time, she loves to cooking dishes and pairing them with wines. “It wouldn’t be fair not to share all these wine experiences, that’s why I use my blog simply as my diary, and it’s full of wines that I’ve made and tasted, new tastes I’ve created and discovered, as well as people that I’ve met along the journey.” Follow Nesli’s wine and food adventures at her Instagram : winesofnesli .


Two years ago, Veronica (sicilianwinegirl) decided that she had to learn how to drink wine and wanted to understand wine and winemaking.

As Veronica says, “How I began to accustom my palate to this delicious nectar will remain a secret!”

Her passion for wine grew, while she was working for a winery in the western part of Sicily, “From that day the cellars are for me the wonderland!”

She started sharing her personal adventures in the world of wine on Instagram, combining it with her other passions: photography and writing. Currently she is focusing on her wine education (WSET level 2), while tasting and exploring the wine Italy’s wine industry has to offer.


Mousy (mousy_m) grew up on her Family’s vineyard (Constantia Glen) in South Africa. From a young age, she helped out in the tasting room and cellar, and soon realized how much she loved the wine industry.

Her Instagram account is all about travelling and wine. She loves teaching people about wine and Instagram has become the perfect tool to share her passion.


Jill (thatwinenerd), work and live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She tasted a Cabernet France one night, and fell in love with red wine. “I go on at least one wine trip a year, often to the Okanagan Valley or Niagara Peninsula.”

She explored the Loire Valley (France), some of the Californian wine regions and hopes to visit Europe in the near future. “One of my favourite things to do when I’m drinking wine is curl up with a good book, so you’ll find some of my choices on my blog”.


Alexandra ( mh_alexandra) started getting into the wine industry during her many years working in and managing Premium Casual restaurants. She started her formal education with WSET the summer of 2017, and is currently working on her WSET 3 certification.

"I began writing my blog, about 3 months ago so it’s still a work in progress but I find it’s a great way to make studying fun! I honestly think my favorite thing about wine is how it brings people together and gets them talking." says Alexandra.

She mentions how self-conscious she was during tastings, when she started her wine studies. Now her advise for other wine lovers would be: "No matter what you smell or taste, that’s your interpretation of what the wine is telling you. Being able to compare and discuss that with someone else is such an amazing feeling."

Alexandra says that wine gave her the confidence to speak up , and gave her the inspiration to start her blog.


The last wine girl to follow is wineandwonderlust. Yes; that's me! I'm Nina and I grew up in the Cape Winelands of South Africa and I would describe myself as an animal lover, green thumb and an outdoor-loving-kind-of girl.

I studied a BSc. Degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University and after graduating in 2014, I have worked harvest in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, California and Austria.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have travelled and worked in so many places. Every harvest is different as there is always something new to learn. The best part of working in different countries is seeing different winemaking and viticultural techniques, tasting local wine, learning about new cultures and making new International friends.

My Instagram started as my wine and travel diary, and it’s the perfect platform for me to combine my love for photography and wine! I started the blog to compliment my Instagram account and plan to blog about everything wine and travel related.

I hope study the WSET level 3 certification and travel to a few more wine regions in the next year.

I really hope you enjoyed reading about the different Wine Girl and followed some of them! I will be posting a similar blog post about Wine Guys and Wine Couples , so contact me if you would like to be featured or would like to nominate a specific account.

Thank you to every Wine Girl who took the time to email/ DM me and made this Blog post series possible!

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