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22 Wine Girls to follow on Instagram (Part Two)

Updated: Feb 21

From Traveling winemakers, Sommeliers to Wine Artists and Wine enthusiasts: These are the Wine girls you should be following on Instagram!

Instagram has become the perfect platform to share your passion about almost any niche and also a great place to learn new things. Over the last 2 years, my Instagram account became my wine diary, where I combined my love for wine, photography and travel. When you really want to grow your Instagram account , you have to network and engage with similar Instagram accounts, so that's what I did and I met some amazing wine girls!

Each unique in their own way, they all the same have the same #winegoal: They Inspire, create and educate the wine lovers community. I have compiled a list of Instagram accounts to follow and asked each girl to introduce herself. I wanted to keep the blog post short enough, so decided to divide it into parts. Click here for part one! Clicking on any of the pictures will redirect you to the specific account- making it very easy to follow. I personally think each account on my list it pretty amazing and have a special wine story, so scroll down and read more and if you have Pinterest, make sure to "Pin" this List:


“Wine is priceless for it gives me adventure in every sip. I travel to wine regions around the world with each bottle I taste. Exploring new wines will fulfill your heart with wanderlust.”- Ami G, ami_oncloudwine.

Ami's wine journey began in 2015 when I spent a month in Europe traveling for leisure. "Upon a visit to Tuscany, I tasted a flight of wine which left me in pure astonishment. I was always a white wine drinker, but the Chianti Classico that tickled my taste buds forever changed my palate. I had what I called a “vinlightment”, a moment in which wine has left me in astonishment." says Ami.