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22 Wine Girls To Follow On Instagram (Part One)

Updated: Feb 21

From Traveling winemakers, Sommeliers to Wine Artists and Wine enthusiasts: These are the Wine girls you should be following on Instagram!

Instagram has become the perfect platform to share your passion about almost any niche and also a great place to learn new things. Over the last 2 years, my Instagram account became my wine diary, where I combined my love for wine, photography and travel. When you really want to grow your Instagram account , you have to network and engage with similar Instagram accounts, so that's what I did and I met some amazing wine girls! Clicking on any of the photos in this blog post will redirect you to the specific Instagram account-making it very easy to follow them.

Each unique in their own way, they all the same have the same #winegoal: They Inspire, create and educate the wine lovers community. I have compiled a list of Instagram accounts to follow and asked each girl to introduce herself. I wanted to keep the blog post short enough, so decided to divide it into parts. Click here for part two! I personally think each account on my list it pretty amazing and have a special wine story, so scroll down and read more and if you have Pinterest, make sure to "Pin" this List


Working 9 to 5 in London, it wasn’t uncommon for Kirsty to spend 5 to 9 in a wine bar.

" I was always excited to try new wines yet knew very little about them, so I enrolled with the Wine Spirit and Education Trust (WSET). The course offered such clarity into the world of wine in an enjoyable way, and I wanted to keep discovering".

Fast forward to today She proudly hold the Advanced WSET with Distinction and She is studying for the notoriously challenging yet very well respected WSET Diploma at their headquarters in London, where they are taught by esteemed Masters of Wine.

To help with studying She post to Instagram- Kirsty_wineknott

"This is an invaluable study tool for me, each post visually helps key facts stick in my memory, and it has connected me to wine lovers all other the world, some of who I am now studying the diploma with!".

Her Instagram account has also provided her with many opportunities, including being a Wine judge for the People's Choice Wine Awards, experiencing harvest time at Clayhill Vineyards this year and being a brand ambassador for Coravin UK. Follow Kirsty's WSET Diploma journey, with a combination of wine, travel, study and social aspects.


Alex Anderson is a Canadian sommelier currently exploring the wine world of Australia with the fastest growing wine start up in Sydney, The Wine Gallery.

There she curates personalized wine selections tailored to the individual tastes and whims of each subscriber. “It's the best!” says Alex, “I engage with way more people about wine in a single day than I ever before. And people just adore having a sommelier at the fingertips!”

Alex has a deep rooted passion for wine, design and people. She loved to explore new ways to communicate wine and engage with other wine lovers.

She is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, holds a WSET Advanced certificate with distinction, and was the runner up in the 2018 Aspiring Sommelier BC competition. You can connect and follow her vibrant and insightful wine endeavours on Instagram @wine.with.alexx and watch her live wine tasting tips at @the_wine_gallery


Elysia (elysiamyers.wineart) is a wine artist and has created a unique category within the art world by using wine as her medium and sole focus.

She didn't set out to become an artist. She started her career in travel PR, but after living abroad for 18 months, She discovered that life can be so much more than a 9-5 job and as she says:"I was determined to create my dream life".

She is obsessed with the spectrum of beautiful colors that wine offers, and creates artwork that expresses the beauty, energy and love behind every bottle of wine. Unlike other mediums, wine starts off as artistry in a bottle, and Elysia loves that she gets to take one work of art and transform into a totally different kind of art.

"The artistry that goes into every bottle of wine is always the foundation of my inspiration. I'm always fascinated when I open a new bottle and get excited to see the color it will produce. "Each piece I create seeks to visually express the beauty of wine and its colors, and I try to incorporate other wine elements in my pieces when I can. I love using corks to create my pieces when possible, to further my connection to the beauty of the winemaking process."


Sara Renee is a native Californian Girl who loves everything the Golden State has to offer and she is a great ambassador for the Napa Valley, with her bubbly personality and stylish outfits .

She shares her wine tasting experiences on her Instagram Bordeaux Blonde and her blog

It's her place to write and share her love of wine and tips for traveling to wine country. She has a passion for wine, traveling and meeting new people, make sure to subscribe to her blog and read her Winery Wednesday post!


Delaille Raubenheimer's family moved to the Cape Winelands when she was 16 years old. "Weekends were spent exploring the winelands,and before I knew it I was hooked" says Delaille.

Combining her love for science, nature and wine,studying a bachelors of science degree in Viticulture and Oenology seemed like an obvious choice. Delialle could not wait to learn more about wine from around the world, so She skipped her graduation ceremony to join a winemaking team for her first international harvest in Mendoza, Argentina. She also worked a harvest in Californa, New Zealad and Portugal.

In 2017 She spent few months in China marketing South African wine which she describes as an eye opening experience. Currently Delaille is working as head sommelier at Singita Kruger National Park - with one of the largest collections of South African wine. She decided to start her Instagram account , ladywineland to share her wine journey and says, she loves connecting with other wineos.


Josie Zeiger is originally from Southern California, currently live in NYC.

She started her career after undergrad in New Orleans at Commanders Palace as an executive assistant, where the owner of the restaurant took it upon herself to introduce Josie to good wine. Josie started selling for a natural wine importer here in New York 2 years ago, which is also when @sipculture came to pass.

Her goal on Instagram is to help people become more comfortable with wine and their own taste and knowledge level. "The most important thing to know about wine is that your taste is valid! This is a subjective subject (lol) and I love helping people come to know more and trust in their own taste..", says Josie. I just love her short and informative videos on her Instagram account sipculture and she also has some really cute French Bulldogs that sometimes make a appearance on her Instagram feed .


Tasetefully, Cec youhadmeatbordeaux was created by Cecily Gamba in summer of 2016.

Having grown up on a vineyard in Sononma County, Cecily has always been immersed and interested in all aspects of the wine industry.

With her parents begin winery owners, there was always opportunity to learn, taste, travel and cultivate her own growing passion for all things wine.

Cecily graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2016 with a degree in Business Marketing. Taking the knowledge she gained in college, her own personal experiences and eye for photography, Cecily began Tastefully, Cec, with the help of her mother and sister.


From Wall Street to wine cellars, Rupal Shankar is living her best wine life in New York City. When she is not writing, Rupal is globetrotting the world exploring food and wine. After spending 20 years on Wall Street, Rupal decided to leave corporate America and follow her passions; wine, food and travel.

Rupal is a professional wine writer who enjoys sharing her experiences of wine, food and travel. A consummate student, she is always looking for new adventures to learn and explore.

She loves learning about wine through her travels, but also has formal certifications: WSET Level 3 and French Wine Scholar. Continuing her formal education, Rupal is currently enrolled in the WSET Diploma program in addition she is studying to get her master certification in Bordeaux wines.

Her other passions are reading, dance and yoga. A yoga teacher by day and wine writer by night, Rupal loves combining her two interests, wine and yoga. She offers wine and yoga classes and workshops, "Vinyoga". Rupal enjoys photography and thus sharing her passions through social media was a natural way to showcase her knowledge and enthusiasm for wine. Have a look at her website and Instagram account - syrah_queen.

Alex has always been passionate about observing her dad and grandfather tasting & talking about wine. She studied hospitality, catering & tourism and worked for 5 years creating events within these industries.

She passed WSET Level 2 & 3 in 2017 while working and became a sommelier for summer 2018.

She's now studying for WSET Diploma while working on her Instagram account. Her account is all about discovering wine and sharing tastings & facts about this wonderful passion with others.

After passing this final exams of the WSET Diploma, she'd like to create events related to wine and write about the wine industry.


Cas, bythestem, has a passion for wine about people and she really enjoys teaching others about wine.

Her passion for wine started with Riesling, followed by Cabernet. As her appreciation for wine grew, she started attending more classes, tastings, and events and started working at her local wine shop.

She got her court of master sommelier and WSET education and have started a business with in home wine tastings and sell wines on the side. "When I started my wine page @bythestem I never knew the endless possibilities. I’ve met so many fantastic winos, have been exposed to so many amazing wines and started hosting my own events!", says Cas.

Her goal is to continue growing her page, my events and my education- All for the love of wine.


Luma Monteiro is a certified wine taster and founder of Wineriia. following the adventure; she decided to leave her job in Brazil to live the wine life.

"After 8 months of daily wine tastings, 2.000 wines, infinite studies hours, were waking up smelling wines and trying to sleep after too many glasses: I became more than an admirer. I am an unconditional lover. And what do you do with love? You spread...” says Luma.

Wineriia is focused on simplifying the wine world for new tasters and share information with wine lovers. Our goal is helping people to improve knowledge in wine and to build their tasting skills in a very relaxed way.”


A “Fashionista” and Made to Measure Manager in the Men’s Clothing world, Nicole “Grape Chic” Muscari works in fashion by day, and finds great wine by night.

She believes there's a fine finesse and artistry that applies to both wine and fashion. In her world, there's an undeniable elegance about a woman (or man for that matter) who dresses confidently and orders their wine confidently.

Nicole has completed the WSET 1 and WSET 2 with distinction, and plans to take the WSET 3 in the near future. She has partnered with brands including Honest Cooking Magazine, Coravin, Wines of Sicilia DOC, Wines of Garnacha, Vinho Verde Wines, Jadot, Napa Cellars & more.

I've tried to keep blog post not to long, but there still is a few wine girls I I would like you to meet! Click here for Part 2.

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